Racing in the European Capital

Slotting into an existing project

img src="sketchfinal.jpg">


< img src="montdesarts.jpg">
Teh problem was that I'd made the cuts more or less for a A-series shaped printout.


< img src="montdesarts.jpg">
I took a matchbox car to work to test the size of the roads. The fit was abysmal. One problem was that I'd assumed matchbox cars to be about 2.5 o 3 cm. The car, not a large one, was 3.5cm. That's a huge difference in scale.
I would have to cut back the map significantly, trying to reduce and shift the houses to still keep enough roads for the cars to ride on outside of the race track.


The first step would be to straighten out all bits of the route.


more is coming... when I get round to doing it!