L2GX is Paul Van Rompaye, an independant game developer based in Belgium.

I, L2GX, do not collect your personal data through my apps!

Under your user agreement with iOS and Google they might store and handle personal data. I do not use them as a data processor and only anonymous, general data is made available to me. This includes which kind of devices are used, how many users use my apps, and in which country they are based. I do not store or process this data in any way. If you review my apps that data is stored and made available by Google and Apple. I do not see more of these posts than they show to the general public.

I do not have adverts in iOS games.
Google shows me how many people look at my adverts.
Data on your advertising views is collected by Google and some of it is shared with me. This data is anonymised, shows only viewing and click numbers and country locations. It does not contain personal data. I do not store or process this data.

If you email me as a user of my apps or visitor to my website, I will delete your email always. I do not currently keep a mailing list.