Crescent species

Spoviech (Mammals)
Kunlung (Saurs)
Sixir(Magic creatures)


Colony creatures have gained access to the land by conquering the sky. They are made of tough membranes surrounding gas sacks, and are highly electrically charged. Only one sentient species has arisen from this branch.

Altren Veres

These city folk spend their lives in quiet merriment and artistry. They go about lightly dressed, giving room to their tentacles and sails. They often carry light instruments. Though airborne, they are not very manouverable in the open air, and prefer to stay close to the ground where their tentacles give purchase. Many have adopted walking on heavy blades, combining grip and defensive capacity.

Munsyobo(hydroskeletal creatures)

This branch contains mostly sea-creatures and worms. Worms can vary from hundred meter long swamp monsters to multilimbed starfish-like creatures, floating jellyfish, all sorts of pseudo-flowers and cannibalistic urchins. Two species are sentient.


Variating from a third down to a tenth of the size of other bipedals, these little creatures live in anthill-like fortresses. They brew and sell the best beer on Crescent. Now and then groups of them go on quests to the towns of Men. Every traveling group is likely to pick some up, and they are as capable of causing mischief. Very magical.

Levante Erpheta

Immortal, city dwelling species with a limitless memory, they are the core of every selfrespecting bureaucratic culture. They live in communities of a few dozen families. Rarely one of them develops a sense of adventure, wich they refer to as the 'library disease'. Despite their peaceful character, they are strong and protected by tough, ringed skin.

Kinhason (Mollusks)

Mollusks are as common on land as in sea, both in snail, shell, or octopus form. But only a sea-based species has gained sentience.

Melue alaem

These silent and mysterious People of the Sea live most of their their lives beneath the waves. On land they are rare. They move slowly with bursts of intense speed and power. They have strong crapaces and few weak spots. As such, they are highly regarded warriors.


Warmblooded, hairy and strong, mammals are still rare, likely because they were only created late in the history of Crescent. It is rumored mammals are based on Daemen. Two species are sentient.


Big and brutal mountaindwelling warriors, with a fair amount of intelligence, but doggedly following rote in most instances. Honour and hierarchy are important to them, as is their religious respect for their forefathers. They are traditional caravan guards.


These goatlike creatures live their lives as cynical and wistful bonvivants. Small but quick and tough, they enjoy war and politics, and are often found disturbing human society. They love economics and are often expedition organisers.


Saurs range from leather-skinned amphibians to feathered avians. They can be found in any Crescent environment, in all shapes, often as large herbivores. But they are most dangerous as scaled and feathered flightless giant carnivores. Two species are sentient bipedals.



Children of the Sun, full of fire and music, people of the great desert, bent on war and destruction. Fierce warriors , they rarely venture beyond the borders of the desert, although some families can be hired as mercenaries. Very adventurous.



Shrikes are fully feathered and quilled Saurs. Native to colder climes, they are thoughtful and do everything with care. They tend to be loners although with a suppressed need to belong in a group. They are outstanding logicians and excellent scientists, but do badly in warm climates.



Most glass creatures are insectoid limited in size by their lack of lungs. But there are some species that have taken larger forms, mostly through the use of magic. Of these two are sentient bipedals.


Aristrocatic vagabonds, excellent duellists and artists, but unbearably hautain. They consider themselves the real aristocracy of Crescent, yet most work as hirelings. Use an ineffective magic system to produce pyrotechnic shows. Nobody else can bear their music.


Ftihi Chir Ihtchit

Insectlike and capable of flight. Although fast and accurate with all weapons, they are light and lack in intelligence. Prone to ideological fundamentalism along individualist normes.



Milk creatures are often massive and spiderlike, named after their rounded, milky white carapaces. They prefer jungles to open land. Nimbler species can be found everywhere. Allmost all milk creatures excrete poisons, acids, and glues. Two species are sentient bipedals.


Small and nimble, Waldmen make excellent thieves and spies, but are renowned assassins. They prefer to live in the forest, but may travel along with caravans, offering their poisoned darts and arrows.


Sheneta Thenabrae

Sheneta Thenabrae are amongst the most mysterious of Crescent sentients. Commonly called Gold People they keep to their abbeys. There they philosophise and meditate. They may be found underway to spread their writings, or on scientific missions. They excel in close combat, often using hardwood sticks or spears.


Sixir(Magic creatures)

Magic creatures are survivors. Immortal but often set to hard duties, only the toughest remain from the different eras where they were fabricated. They often withdraw from civilisation, but may join groups when pursuing their own long term obsessions. Being inedible helps them survive Crescent's nature.

Stone Golem

Huge, lumbering, and infinitely strong. Make useful additions to any expedition until they walk off. Fond of poetry and theatre, but easily insulted. Stone Golems communicate in sign language. One peculiarity is their becoming frozen in mid step for minutes, days or decades. A certain phlegmatic attitude regarding mortal creatures is unavoidable.